Josh Berkus is on the PostgreSQL Core Team. He's been involved with many other open source projects, including, OpenBRR, Bricolage, LedgerSMB, BytesFree, Memcached, Perl, and others. He's also been involved with open source foundations like Software in the Public Interest.

Outside software, Josh has been a legal assistant, professional fundraiser, and labor organizer.

Stuff Josh Knows Well[]

  • Community governance
  • Motivating & managing volunteers
  • Fundraising
  • Networking (people, not TCP/IP)
  • Dealing with corporate sponsors
  • Press releations

Stuff Josh could learn a bit better[]

  • Upstream/downstream coordination with other projects
  • How to do paperwork without letting it eat your life
  • Good OSS tools for community organizing
  • How to get more women and other rare hackers involved with the project