One-sentence Bio[]

I'm a thirty-something writer/web dev/Komodo hacker from Vancouver BC.


  • Online: I've been on the net since 95, and active in Web development and PHP since 2000.
  • Open Source: I work for ActiveState, helping to promote our open source and open-source-based tools. I am a member of the Vancouver PHP Assocation, and have helped organize several PHP conferences as well as the Vancouver 2008 Open Web Conference.
  • Programming: I know just enough PHP, JavaScript, Xul, Python, Perl etc to realize with some horror how dangerous I used to be.
  • I am a trained technical writer with of years experience in technical communication including end-user support.

What I Hope To Learn at FOSSCoach[]

I hope to hang out and soak up the knowledge of an interesting collection of people with far more experience in technology and open source than I have.

What I Hope To Share at FOSSCoach[]

I can help people with low to medium experience in the technologies I love, including PHP, jQuery, Drupal, Komodo and Firefox.

I can help people with communication techniques for documenting and explaining software both to themselves, other developers and non-technical end-users.