Welcome to the FOSSCoach wiki!
FOSSCoach is a series of events designed to share and improve the essential skills required to participate in collaborative, free and open online projects like Firefox® and Wikipedia.

FOSSCoach events are small, informal and focused on specific regions. Attendance is free, though a refundable deposit may be required for registration.

Who is FOSSCoach For?

FOSSCoach is for anyone who wants to participate in and build free and open online communities. If you want to participate in a FOSSCoach, you should be an experienced internet user.

Participate in FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008

The first FOSSCoach session will be held from July 23-25 in Portland, Oregon, USA as a part of OSCON 2008. Participation is free. To reserve your spot or to help out by coaching visit the FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008 page.

FOSSCoach Rationale

The Internet allows people to work together in innovative ways that are redefining computing, changing business and reshaping our global society. Projects like Firefox®, Linux® and Wikipedia are some of the most well-known examples, but there are thousands of other distributed online communities working together in many different fields of endeavor, from patient advocacy to gold mining to peace building.

The skills required to work collaboratively online are usually shared in an informal way - people learn by participating in an existing project. The FOSSCoach events are an attempt to share important skills more directly and effectively by bringing diverse groups of people together to share, discuss and explore.

Get Involved


If you can get to Portland, Oregon from July 23 - 25, you should register for FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008.


We need experienced electronic frontier participants to coach and present at the events. If you are interested in helping at a FOSSCoach session or in starting one in your region or at a conference, list yourself on the wiki and join the FOSSCoach Mailing List.


Help get the word out! For the first FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008, we need to make sure that we promote the event to students, regional user group members, non-profiteers, FOSS business people, community managers, etc. See our list of FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008 promotions to see what is going on and how you can help.


For the first FOSSCoach, most of our financial needs are taken care of - we have the space we need for the event. However, we'd be happy to have sponsors provide on-topic information goods (like books, magazines, training, etc.), geeky T-shirts, donations to relevant charities for each person who attends the event (e.g. You could donate $10 per attendee (up to some reasonable limit) to the EFF), media coverage, etc. Check out the Sponsorship Ideas page for ideas. Visit the FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008 Sponsorship page to see what others are doing. Write to to discuss your sponsorship ideas.