Brief Bio[]

41 years of age. *nix admin

I grew up in Hawaii, moved to Oregon When 17, worked in the woods for 15 years and then got into computers. Read 'Free as in Freedom' and had my life changed. Ditched winders for GNU/Linux a year later. Have been an consultant, an engineer (for OpenSourcery in PDX) and am now a full time admin at RuleSpace, LLC (and my life changed again... workin for the man ;). Aside from my job, I have a wife, Elizabeth, child, Vincent (16 months), like to draw, ride bikes and read as much as I can.


Competent systems and network administrator.

  • Online: I have a few websites. One for my son (beats sending everyone pictures right?), my own blog ( plus my email server and, which has foundered a bit due to me putting it on the back burner for now.
  • Open Source: I use Open Source tools extensively at work (about 90% of the time), and the home net is 100%. I donate to FreeGeek (both at home and I steer used work equipment there). I'm planning on taking my last years worth of doc on Trac and putting it up on my blog in hopes of helping the community out, it ranges from Cobbler setup and use to Samba Active Directory integration... Easily 200 pages of goodie. Teaching myself Python, when I get better at it I'd like to start giving back in code.
  • Programming: I am an admin. I write shell scripts that are ugly but work.
  • Teaching: As an admin, I act as an instructor of sorts. I really do cherish my users and try to make them as happy and knowledgeable as possible.

What I Hope To Learn at FOSSCoach[]

I would like to just check it out and listen to whatever I can. FOSSCoach seems like a really good way to impart information.

What I Hope To Share at FOSSCoach[]

I'm down with helping in any way I can. I can only make it one of the days though, the 24th. Nothing is listed for that day. Need someone to talk about setting up local repos or Cobbler kickstarting? Postfix and how not to be an open relay? I am though a novice at speaking to people, definitely a last resort for something like this.