Learn the basic laws of software design and how they apply to open source projects.
Audience: Novice to Experienced Programmers
Presenter(s): Max Kanat Alexander
Length: 1h 30m


Programming: It's an Art. It's a Science. It's an Art! It's a Science!

What is it that differentiates the top 20% of programmers from the bottom 80%? What is the magic knowledge or ability that makes a Senior Engineer out of a Junior Developer?

The answer sums up to just one word: simplicity. But there is so much to know about it! How do you get simplicity? What does it really mean? Why do we want it?

Come hear Max Kanat Alexander (author of Code Simplicity and a primary developer of Bugzilla talk about the fundamental laws of software design and how you can apply them as a new contributor or an experienced developer on an open-source project. Even if your current code is a terrible mess, there are a few simple pieces of information you can use to work slowly toward a beautiful, well-designed codebase--and there are particular methods of application of these laws for open-source projects that differ from the usual in-house development model.

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